Glade Park

Community Services

On National Register of Historic Places

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Pipe Line School (added 1999 - Building - #99000483) Also known as Glade Park Community Building 101 16.5 Rd., Glade Park

The Community Building can be rented for parties, receptions, meetings, etc. Contact: Susan Bilbo (970) 712-9715

"Preservation of the Past, Plan for the Future"

2014 Officers and Board

Roger Dingman
(h) 263-4803

Vice President
Travis Reese
(h) 261-0525

Danni Langdon
(h) 245-9829


Membership Chairman
Ileen White
( c) 562-310-0297

Rentals Manager
Susan Bilbo
( c ) 712-9715

Facilities Manager
Greg Mundorf
(h) 245-8408

Arena Manager
Dennis Carnes
(h) 243-2469 (c) 250-2427

Cemetery Manager
Belle Chesnick
(h) 242-0371

Post Office Liason
Deb Trotter
(h) 263-9362 (c)216-9116 webmaster
Deb Moorland

Board Members

Myron Cluff (h) 210-8622
Sandra Simms (h) 985-1377

2009 Annual Spaghetti Dinner Picture Gallery

Roof project is accomplished!

Pictures of the Roof Raisin'

The Glade Park Community Services organization maintains and manages the Community Services Building and the Glade Park Cemetery, and manages the Glade Park Post Office. They also put on several annual events to raise funds, and provide social interaction for the community. See Community Events page for schedule. Board members are elected at the Annual Meeting, which is in January. The Board then elects it's officers.

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