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Old News

Grand Junction man dies on motorcycle accident on DS Rd.

Motorcycle crash on Glade Park kills Grand Junction man

Steve & Bobbi Miller protest property assessment.

Millers quoted in The Daily Sentinel story 5/10/09

BLM Prescribed Burn on Black Ridge

BLM News Release-Black Ridge Burn 5/6/09

Monument Road Bridge Reopens!

The new Monument Road bridge is finally open! Here is a link to the story on the KJCT website. They quoted Redlands residents, but Glade Parkers are just as happy! What a pain it has been, when you are headed into town (not the Mall area) to have to go around, OR slip through the "Road closed to outside traffic" signs. Of course I never did that. ; )

Monument Road Bridge Re-opens! KJCT website

Intruder Finds Out Glade Parkers Are Prepared to Defend Their Homes

Intoxicated man confronted by Glade Park homeowner

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Fruita teenager was arrested early Saturday morning on suspicion that he entered the garage of a Glade Park home, where the homeowner confronted an intruder at gunpoint.

Brandon Lee Hopson, 19, 1225 Santa Fe Drive, was arrested on suspicion of first-degree criminal trespass and underage possession of alcohol. He was released from Mesa County Jail after posting $3,000 bond.

Steven Casano was holding Hopson at gunpoint at the home on Little Park Road around 5:20 a.m., according to an arrest affidavit. Hopson, who appeared intoxicated, told deputies he had been drinking alcohol and fighting at a party nearby. He said he knocked on the door to the Little Park Road house, but that when no one answered, he entered the garage of the home after hearing dogs in there, the affidavit said.

Steven and Kimberly Casano told deputies they didn’t know Hopson and did not give him permission to enter the house, the affidavit said.

The Amazing Multi Party Negotiation: Mission Accomplished!

Glade Park land swaps mutually beneficial

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel By LE ROY STANDISH/ Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mesa County recently pulled off a multiparty land trade in Glade Park, with minimal expense, that will create expansion room for the Glade Park Fire Department, Glade Park Community Services and the Mesa County Road and Bridge Department. It also carved out a little elbow room for a new U.S. Postal Service kiosk.

Mesa County purchased the property, and all of the benefiting agencies will reimburse the county for their respective acreage.

“At a net cost of $13,000 (to the county), well, that’s remarkable,” Commissioner Steve Acquafresca said when told this week of the land exchanges.

The trades and sale of land could have become ugly sticking points in this small community of about 400 households, where the average lot size is 35 to 40 acres. Instead, everyone cooperated for the good of the whole and managed to protect their self interests.

Property owner Ed Schrader had the septic system, half the parking lot, the drinking water well and the old horse arena for Glade Park Community Services on his property. There were several other confused property lines in the area along 16 1/2 Road as well. The county was able to pull all parties together and have them agree to minor property-line adjustments and right-of-way easements that preserved the size of everyone’s properties, but redrew the lines in order to make everyone happy.

“I think that land will be worth a lot someday, but you have to balance that with, really, how selfish are ya? And how selfish do you want to be?” Schrader said.

Community Services started looking to expand about four years ago and launched a fundraising effort, which netted $46,000, to purchase nine acres.

“The community all chipped in,” said Lynn Grose, president of Glade Park Community Services. “It was just amazing in these economic times that we were able to raise that kind of money.”

Community Services still has a Postal Service trailer, which Grose said is so small two people barely have enough room to turn around inside, in its parking lot.

Glade Park School Organizers Meet District 51 Requirements

During Tuesday night's school board meeting, the District 51 School Board approved plans for the Glade Park elementary school.

In November, the organizing committee had been given a set of time lines and requirements they needed to meet in order for a school to be built, including getting the funding to construct the school in place. Finding that the necessary ground work had been done, board members voted in favor of a resolution to create the privately funded school.

Under the resolution, the district will spend $20,000 to rent a modular building on a plot of land near the Glade Park store. The temporary building will serve as a K-2 school for the 2009-2010 school year. It is projected about 15 to 20 students will attend.

A permanent school will be built on land near the Glade Park Fire Department, which is being donated to the district. Plans are for the school to eventually grow to a full K-5 elementary school.

Now that a resolution has been passed, the next step will be to work out a lease agreement with the donors.

BLM to hold meeting on land management on March 3 at 6:30 PM

BLM Land Management Focus Group

Report on BLM's Glade Park Focus Group

The community assessment focus group was conducted by Mesa State College's Natural Resource and Land Policy Institute, at the request of BLM. No BLM staff was present, and focus group members were promised anonymity.

Group members were each provided with hand-held voting devices, to respond to certain questions on a Likert scale. (for example: AGREE,AGREE SOMEWHAT, DON'T CARE, STRONGLY DISAGREE). Individual comments were also recorded. Results on each question were projected on a screen, so the range of responses was immediately visible.

Eleven Glade Park residents attended. Although the group was small, there was a good cross-section, including ranchers, those who commute to work in Grand Junction, and recreational interests.

One question posed was how the members thought it would impact them if BLM encouraged more recreation on the land in and around Glade Park. Several group members expressed concern about the already growing impact on Glade Park Volunteer Fire Department. They are first responders for recreationists injured in this area, and do not have funds to accommodate increased activity. The question was raised on whether BLM would have any funds to contribute to GPVFD, and that question will be passed on to them.

Other issues raised:
*A landowner's query about road maintenance on a private road that accesses BLM land.

*Concerns about existing access roads continuing to be available.

*Concerns about grazing continuing to be allowed at present levels and comment on it's positive impact when the rancher is a partner in stewardship of the land. The viability of ranching is fragile and relies on public land permits. Ranching also helps to preserve open space, wildlife habitats and migration routes.

*Wildlife issues and impacts, including hunting, wildlife viewing and migration routes.

*At present, leasing of natural resources, including energy extraction, does not appear to be an issue, since there is no activity.

*When asked their vision of what they would like Glade Park to look like in 20 years, there was general agreement that it should change as little as possible. Residents are here because they like it the way it is.

The last management plan adopted was in 1987. Inquiry and assessment on this one will be continuing into 2011, before it is finally formulated and adopted.

Glade Park Community Services Annual Meeting News

Meeting date:January 13, 2009

President Lynn Gross presided over the meeting. These are a few of the highlights:
2008 Accomplishments:
*New windows on the front of the Community building, which is resulting in savings on the heating bill. The work was done by Classic Glass, and conforms to the original appearance of building, meeting Historic Register requirements.

*Fundraising to take advantage of the one-time-offer to buy 10 adjoining acres was successful! $46,375.00 was raised in spite of the economic downturn. Immediate plans include a riding arena for 4-H and the community. A utility easement was granted to Ed Cherry to get to his property. Work has also been done on getting confusing land boundaries clarified and changed along 16.5 Rd.

Treasurer’s report: Alpine Tax and Accounting Services volunteered to audit the GPCS books, and found everything in order.

*Sources of revenue in addition to the fundraisers, were building rental (including Glade Park Bible Church and the crafters), and business card ads in the newsletter ($10 members, $25 non-members).

Projects for the coming year:
*New front door (must conform with historic appearance)
*Storage shed
*New windows across the back of the building.
*Contingency fund for well pump
*Refinish wood floor
*Explore back door for handicap access.

Thanks for the help!
*The Community building was painted by Sage Rogers for his Eagle Scout project. His family gave him some help, and Sherwin Williams gave a 50% discount on paint (so let them know we appreciate it)!
*The Glade Park Bible Church donated new ceiling fans.
The Craft group donated a new 55 cup coffee urn and new trash cans.

Next fundraiser: Spaghetti dinner – February 21st

Board of Directors: Thanks to Kathy Collier for her service to GPCS. She has decided to step down from the board.
*New board member elected: Deb Moorland
*Alternate: Kandi Wentz

Other community news:

Post Office progress:
*A big thanks to Mesa County for donating the land for the Post Office, and giving GPCS a good buy on the adjoining 10 acres.
*The U.S Postal service is building the structure. It is possible that it may be more than just a kiosk, but nothing is official yet.
*Thanks to Dennis Carns for donating the dirt work.

Colorado National Monument – report by Superintendent Joan Anzolmo.
*Winter road maintenance by Mesa County on East side.
Thanks to Glade Parkers who buy the $20 annual park pass as a donation to the CNM.
*Thanks and a donation of supplies to Glade Park Volunteer Fire Department: they are the first responders when there is an accident or emergency on the CNM.
*Thanks to alert staff, including Glade Parkers Jeannie McLain and Lori Westermire , for helping to saving lives. All of us should pay attention and report anything that looks suspicious. Suicide interventions: 27 Deaths by suicide: 2
*Visitors increased this year: 700,000.00 (Glade Parkers are in that total).
*Sharing the road: 12,000 cyclists. Moving toward requiring them to have a light for the tunnel
*Please observe speed limits and other safely rules (lights in tunnel, etc):
*Enhanced enforcement: 250 speeding tickets issued in 2008
*Handed out beautiful Colorado National Monument calendars!

Piñon Mesa 4-H Club – report by Jordan Shouse and leader Laura Livingston
*Meet second Tuesday of each month at Community building
*Always looking for new members!
*Clover Buds – ages 5 – 7
*Also looking for adult leaders
*Members help at community events.

Glade Park Community School – report by Diane Branham and Karen Foster
*School board has passed a resolution to support the school.
*School of Choice: First priority to Glade Park residents, but optional (may attend valley schools). If openings, children from outside the community can attend.
*Have found a temporary location for Fall, ‘09
*Capacity of 10-20 children K – 2
*Will add one grade each year up to the 5th grade *Permanent location almost ready to be announced.
*Chamberlain architects – sustainable building design, compatible with community.

Glade Park Volunteer Fire Department/”Movies Under the Stars” fundraiser – report by Deb Trotter
*$43,000.00 in 2008 season.
*Looking for 2009 sponsors
*Need volunteers for MUS and for the Fire Department!
January 13, 2009

Colorado National Monument Road Closure

January 29, 2009
A van deposited in Red Canyon during a suicide attempt will be removed today. The road will be closed while a giant crane is brought up the road from the east entrance of the CNM. See link to CNM Press Release for details:

CNM Press Release: Road closure for van removal

Rocky Mountain News story - Man Drives Off Cliff

Proposed Glade Park School clears another hurdle

The Daily Sentinel
Wednesday, November 26,'08
By Cassie Hewlings

Dist. 51 School Board backs idea of Glade Park school

Glade Park resident dies in truck accident

Posted October 26, '08
Submitted by Theresa Janssen
Glade Park Store
Tues. Oct 21 one of our Glade Park residents, Bill Shouse, died tragically in a truck accident in Rio Blanco county. (See death notice in Daily Sentinel 10/25.) I hope the community will keep an eye out for this family and help them get through the coming winter.

Note: I was not yet able for find the obituary listed on the Daily Sentinel website.

Monument Road Scheduled to be Closed Again

Posted October 18, 2008
This email was forwarded to

Sent: 10/17/2008 4:29:37 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Monument Road Closure

Re: Monument Road Closure

The work to replace the bridge on Monument Road where it crosses the Redlands Water Power Canal has been delayed until after the first of the year, with construction to start January 5 and last through April 30.

The work on the bridge is a safety improvement. The Monument Road bridge has been identified by the State as functionally obsolete. The new bridge will be much wider and will also be straightened out to eliminate the 'dog leg.' It will more safely accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists in addition to cars and trucks.

The construction detour will be via Broadway, South Broadway, and South Camp Road. Monument Road will only be closed at the location of the bridge construction, which effectively eliminates through traffic on the road. There will still be access to the Kokapelli trailhead from the west. Access to Glade Park via Little Park Road will also remain open during this construction. I'm attaching a PDF file of a map that shows the detour, and the signs will clearly mark the route for motorists.
The City will be doing a mailing to residents of Glade Park with these details attached, and will also host an Open House on November 19 from 4 to 6 PM at the Redlands Community Center for anyone interested in more details on the project. We are working closely with the Colorado National Monument, PD, Sheriff's office and the VCB to get the word out about the construction.
Please feel free to call or email if you have further questions.

Kristin Winn
Public Information Coordinator
Public Works & Planning
City of Grand Junction
250 N. 5th Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
(970) 256-4076

Not Naming Names on Big Ranch Conservation Easement

Free Press
October 3, 2008

Mesa Land Trust Lands Another Big Easement/Free Press articel

Bicyclist Injured on DS Rd Dies of Head Injury

Monday, August 25,'08

On Sunday morning, about 9:45 am, a Fruita man was injured in a bicycling accident, while riding on DS Road near the Colo. National Monument. Neil Bradford's bicycle tire connected with the tire of a companion's bicycle. The Glade Park Volunteer Fire Department, CNM Rangers, and the Grand Junction Fire Department responded. He was air lifted to St. Mary's hospital, and later passed away.

A coroner's report released today indicated that the cause of death was a head injury, and was ruled accidental. It has been said that the cyclists may have been traveling as fast as 35 mph. He was wearing a helmet. There has been no mention of the other cyclist being injured.

Padlock Cut at Enoch Lake

Daily Sentinel
August 13, '08
Blotter: Mesa Country Sheriff's Dept.

A padlock was cut at Enoch Lake on Glade Park. Damage is estimated at $130.

Where were you when the lights went out on Glade Park?

A lightning strike plunged Glade Park into darkness at about 8:45 Sunday evening. Based upon the total lack of yard lights, the black-out covered the entire Glade Park area.(We got a chance to see what it used to look like at night.)

News sources this morning are confirming that a power pole was struck by lightning in the Glade Park area. Grand Valley Power crews spent the night working on the problem, and power was restored at 5:31 A.M.

KKCO 11 News was also knocked off the air during the outage.

KKCO 11 News

Accidental Shooting on Glade Park Posted on June 22, 2008 by David Dietrich

"A man is recovering tonight after he accidentally shoots himself in the stomach. The call came in just before 9 this morning... According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, 20-year-old Allan Duval of Glade Park and his friend were getting ready for some target practice with a new shot gun. As they were riding their four wheel ATV's Duval had the loaded weapon in hand while driving, that's when the accident happened. Tonight Duval is recovering at St Mary's Hospital. He is currently listed in stable condition, His mother says he's lucky to be alive."

Theresa Janssen talks to Daily Sentinel about Potholes

Theft from house under construction

Police Blotter
The Daily Sentinel
June 4,2008
"According to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department
• Someone stole $900 worth of property from a house under construction in the 15000 block of Elk Drive in Glade Park.

History repeats itself at the Potholes

Littleton man, 19, is drowning victim
The Daily Sentinel

Sunday, June 01, 2008

"A Littleton man has been identified as the drowning victim Saturday morning at the Glade Park potholes on the Little Dolores River, according to the Mesa County Coroner’s Office.

Stephen F. Burns II, 19, apparently jumped into fast-moving deep water to save a female friend who was in distress.

Members of the Glade Park Volunteer Fire Department were some of the first responders to the drowning.

Bill Perrin, Glade Park fire chief, said when his crew arrived on scene, the assistant chief began performing CPR on Burns, but too late to save him. Burns was pronounced dead at the scene.

“It’s just a dangerous place, and you know the kids love it because there’s a pool, and a lot like to jump off,” Perrin said of the potholes.

The area is about an hour’s drive from Grand Junction and is remote, with waterfalls surrounded by steep canyon walls. The water is especially dangerous now because of the increased amount of runoff, Perrin said.

“This time of year because of the swiftness of the water, you can easily be swept away,” he said.

The water is deceiving because of the small size of the pool, Perrin said. The current and an underwater cave make it more dangerous than what can be seen from above.

If jumpers don’t hit right in the center of the pool, “you’re at grave risk,” he said.

Perrin said to his knowledge, there hasn’t been a drowning death at the potholes in the past five years. However, there have been a “fair amount of injuries,” he said"

"Man dies trying to rescue swimmer in Glade Park
Posted: May 31, 2008 05:32 PM
Updated: May 31, 2008 05:32 PM

A man trying to rescue a swimmer in distress Saturday afternoon drowns in Glade Park.

According to Lt. Jim Fogg, a group of five or six people were swimming near the potholes when the man jumped in to help the female. He got caught in current near rocks.

When friends found him he was unconscious and not breathing. They did C-P-R until an ambulance from Grand Junction arrived.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. Search and Rescue were called in to help recover the body.

We will have the latest tonight on KJCT News 8 at 10."

This KREX news clip does a good job of addressing the potential dangers of the Potholes.

KREX News Clip news story

NBC11 news clip and story

Congrats to the 2008 Glade Park Grads!

Best wishes to our  Glade Park Grads!

Congratulations to our 2008 High School graduates from Glade Park:

Brittany Lundy
Ryan Morrison
Brittany Noel
Brenda Ripley

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!

Submitted by Deb Trotter

Car Rollover near Glade Park Road and DS Road

Posted to
May 22, '08 @ 12:43 P.M.

"A 53 year-old woman is taken to St. Mary's hospital after rolling her Toyota Rave Four near Glade Park Road and DS road. Her injuries are being reported as non-life threatening. Mesa County Sheriff Deputies, Glade Park and Grand Junction fire departments and a Monument National Park Ranger are on scene. We have a reporter on scene. Tune into KJCT News 8 at 5 & 6p.m. for the latest."

Updated 7:08 P.M.
"Patricia Baxter was driving her Toyota Rav-4 downhill on D-S Road... When sheriff's deputies say the right tire of her car slipped off of the asphalt and she lost control. The car rolled several times and was stopped by a tree.

The car stopped about 100 feet from the cliff at "No Thorough Fare Canyon".

Authorities say she does not have any life threatening injuries."

Flag Confrontation Yields a Suspect

The following news report was submitted to

“On May 16, 2008 at 6:14 PM, a Glade Park resident later identified by the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, was caught stealing from a residence at 479 South 16.5 Road, located 1.2 miles north of the Glade Park Store. The homeowner observed the suspect in the theft, stepped in front of his vehicle and prevented him from driving off until he returned the stolen item. He repeatedly yelled at the landowner from the cab of his vehicle, "Are you an American? Are you an American?" and threatened to run her over unless she moved away from the front of his vehicle. She said she would not move until he returned the stolen property. Eventually he got out of the vehicle and returned the item.

The suspect was described as about 5' 9" tall, about 175 lbs., between 26 and 32years old, with dark hair, sunglasses and a ball cap. He was wearing shorts and a green U.S. Army T-shirt. He smelled strongly of beer during the incident. He had no front tag on his truck. An unidentified woman in a red SUV waited behind his vehicle on the road and observed the entire theft and confrontation. She was heard yelling and may have tried to warn him that the landowner was nearby and had observed him stealing the flag.

The suspect was driving a 2007 silver Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab truck, with a red-topped, Colorado "U.S. Army" commemorative license plate number 660 OTF. There were two dogs in the open truck bed. The theft and threat of bodily harm to the landowner were immediately reported to the MCSO who are investigating.

An open vandalism case was filed about a year ago by residents at this address, who report they have suffered repeated harassment and theft/destruction of property.” spoke with Mesa County Sheriff’s Dept. Public Information Officer Heather Benjamin. She indicated that Troy Milam was identified as the owner of the vehicle registered to the license plate number provided when this incident was reported. When contacted Mr. Milam told the officer he “gave the flag back.” Further information is not available since an active investigation is still being conducted.

School Board near a decision on Glade Park School

A community meeting was held on Thursday, May 15 to discuss progress on the Glade Park School. This link is to the story posted on the KKCO 11 News website. Those who attended are invited to submit their first hand accounts. Glade Park School Update

Lock-up the liquor! Thirsty thief on the loose!

Daily Sentinel, Police Blotter, May 13, 2008
“Glade Park cabin broken into. A thirsty burglar broke into a cabin on the 16000 block of H.3 Road in Glade Park sometime Sunday afternoon. According to Mesa County Sheriff’s Department reports, the suspect broke out a window, entered the cabin and drank alcohol stored there. Nothing else was stolen or damaged, according to the reports.”

Correction: It has been brought to my attention that the address of this cabin is not on Glade Park. Since the Daily Sentinel article identified it as Glade Park, I paid the price of not doing an independent verification. It appears to be surrounded by the McGinnis Canyons Conservation area, across the river and south west from Fruita. My map shows a sliver of private land in that vicinity. Anyway, I guess we don't have to worry about locking up the liquor!

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