Coates Creek Cookbook

Family recipes from the Coates Creek area

The Coates Creek Cookbook is a compilation of family recipes, most of which come from families that now or once lived in the Coates Creek area of Glade Park, CO. Some have come from the extended families and friends, but all are time tested and full of love.

This cookbook is a fundraiser for the preservation of Coates Creek School, a one-room schoolhouse that is in the National Register of Historic Places. Good food and good causes naturally go together.

The Coates Creek Cookbook will be available at the annual Coates Creek School Pancake Breakfast, which will be scheduled in late September or early October. Please watch the Glade Park Events calendar on the navigation bar on the left or the Glade Park blog, for the date of the next pancake breakfast.

If you will not be able to come in person to enjoy a breakfast cooked on wood stoves, you can still get a cookbook, while they last:

Available at the Glade Park Store.

Coates Creek School on National Register of Historic Places

Thanks for your support of a cause that is very near and dear to our hearts!

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