Glade Park Utilities

And Other Essential Services

The purpose of this page is to provide new and existing Glade Park residents with the contact information they need to set up utilities and other essential and/or useful services.

Also notice the link to Glade Park Marketplace, where you will find other services offered by Glade Park residents, and other businesses that are interested in serving Glade Park.

Electric service - Grand Valley Power

Telephone service - Century Link

Residential Service: 1-800-244-1111

Small Business: 1-800-603-6000

Repairs-Home: 1-800-573-1311

Repairs-Business: 1-800-954-1211

Buried Cable Location Service: 1-800-833-0825

Propane Service

Whether you are building a new house, or would like to discuss service at an existing home, we will be happy to talk with you. Please use the contact form to let us know what time would be convenient for us to call.

Request for Propane Service or Information

Utility Notification Center of CO

Call before digging!

Glade Park Store

Glade Park Store information

Glade Park Disposal & Hauling

Weekly trash pick-up.
P.O.Box 23272,
Glade Park, CO 81523



Glade Park Forum entry: Jan. 17, '08
Hi, Deb. Here's the recycling info I mentioned at last night's meeting. The company's name is Curbside Recycling Indefinitely.

River Road Drop Off
Grand Junction Curbside Recycling Indefinitely, in cooperation with the City of Grand Junction, is happy to provide residents with this recycling option. The River Road drop off offers convenience for city and county residents without curbside service and city curbside customers with that occasional over abundance of material.

The Drop Off is located on River Road, just north of Broadway and inside the City Shops Maintenance Yard. To get there take Broadway (Grand Ave) west past the 1st Street interchange. Turn right at the second light, onto River Road. Turn left at the 1st gate, which is marked with a blue and white sign that reads "Recycling Drop Off Center". Follow the yellow drop off signs to the back of the facility. Hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

They accept free of charge #1 & 2 plastics, glass, tin and aluminum cans, paper (including phone books), and non-glossy corrugated cardboard.

Karen Bechtel
Glade Park

If you are coming from Glade Park, these directions are reversed. Cross both Grand Ave. bridges (river and railroad), and turn left at the River Rd. stoplight. Once you are on River Rd. the other directions work.

Curbside Recycling Indefinitely


School District 51
2115 Grand Ave.
Grand Junction, CO

Wingate Elementary
361 S. Camp Rd.
Grand Junction, CO

Fruita Monument High School
1102 Wildcat Ave.,
Fruita, CO 81523

Work in progress:

Other Services by and/or for Glade Park Residents

Glade Park Marketplace

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