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Regional Books:

Glade Park/Piñon Mesa is not just a region. It is a state of mind, especially for those who have lived, worked or played here. I have assembled a collection of books for those who are interested in reading about this specific region, as well as the Western Slope of Colorado. It is possible that all of these titles may not be available all the time, so check back if what you want is not here. If you have copies of these books lying around, and would like to let someone else have a chance to read them, you can sell them here also.

COMING SOON: Also look for other fun and useful stuff that fits in with the activities and life style offered here. Let me know if you have suggestions.

By Will Minor
"Will Minor worked as a sheepherder on Pinon Mesa, so had plenty of time to observe the flora and fauna, which he describes in intimate detail. Although he claimed to not be a naturalist due to lack of formal education, he was a natural at being a naturalist." --Glade Park Library
This book is a must for the lover of Piñon Mesa and Glade Park! And, YES, it is available online! You can find both unsigned and signed copies. Several links are provided so you can decide which copy you want. The book is out of print, so no new copies are available.
"Footprints in the Trail" excerpt: "A Year on Piñon Mesa"

Signed Copy

Footprints in the Trail/hardcover

Footprints in the Trail/”Unknown binding”

By James Curtis
Country Press, Inc. Grand Junction, CO Although this book is not exclusively dedicated to Glade Park/Piñon Mesa, it does contain quite a few references to our history including: Sieber Cattle Company (S+); well known black cowboy Charlie Glass and Emp "Davis" on the S+; Frank and Catherine (Sleeper) Moore (grandaughter of Charles Sieber). It does have one glaring error. The last name of Emp "Davis" should be Emp Dennis. Emp is the father of Ann Dennis Rhyne (wife of Curtis Rhyne). See a picture of Emp in the Rhyne Family Picture Gallery. Rhyne Family Picture Gallery

by Erma Armstrong
Tanglewood Hill Press
This is the story of a well known trapper named Leonard Slaugh. He trapped in Colorado between 1934 and 1959, and spent some time in this area. I remember him being mentioned when I was young. He stepped on the stage just after my uncle Monte Moorland stepped off of it. They both trapped during a time when predator control, rather than reintroduction, was the goal. Regardless of which side of that fence you are on, history is history, and should be looked at in the context of that time. This book is written by Slaugh's daughter. This is also the story of a Mormon family, so includes quite a bit of geneology. If you love geneology, you will enjoy those parts, especially if it dovetails with your own research. If geneology is not your thing, you may find yourself skimming over some parts.

Eugene Vories

According to his own biographical informaton, Mr. Vories lived on Glade Park from 1962 to 1991: "I summered my cattle with my friend George Morehouse until, with his help, I bought my ranch in 1970. I would not have gotton some of that ranch had it not been for the help of two sheepmen, Glen Gore, and Irving Beard... Those days on that ranch with my wife and family are the happiest of my life. I thank God continually for the blessing of having been allowed to live a big part of my lifelong dream on that ranch." --Eugene Vories
Mr. Vories has used this area, and its history, as a setting for some of his books. However he reminds the readers that his stories are fictional.

by Eugene Vories
Published by Vories Family Publishers

Review of "Piñon Mesa" (from Glade Park Library)


Saddle in the Whirlwind

La Veta Posse


Monte’s Revenge

Mr. Grant’s Cowboy

Ride The Rough String

The Man From Colorado

Western Slope History


The full name of this book is: “Early Days on the Western Slope of Colorado and Campfire Chats with Otto Mears the Pathfinder from 1870-1882.” It was first published in 1913. The author, Sidney Jocknick, came to this area at a time when it was going through a sweeping transition. He had the foresight to record his own personal experiences, and other events he knew of. These events include the story of the ill fated fellow travelers of Alfred Packer; life at the Ute agency and home of Chief Ouray; the Meeker Massacre; the story of Otto Mears (although not as chummy as an actual fireside chat); Ute history, and many Western Slope happenings. It is the Old Testament of Western Slope history. Of course the older editions are more valuable (and pricey), but the newer reprints by Western Reflections made this important work more available.

Early Days on the Western Slope of Colorado/Sidney Jocknick Western Reflections/paperback

Early Days on the Western Slope of Colorado/Sidney Jocknick The Rio Grande Press/hardcover

The Rio Grande Press/hardcover

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