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Just when we thought the shoot-outs

were in the distant past!

Meth made me do it...

Book Reviews

Review of "Piñon Mesa" by Eugene C. Vories

Pre-release scoop!

"Murder in Self Defense" by Jonathan William Lynn

A Coates Creek Celebration! by Vernice Wood Larson

A Year On Pinon Mesa by Will Minor

Footprints in the Trail, Will Minor, Sage Books, 1950 (out of print) Will Minor worked as a sheepherder on Pinon Mesa, so had plenty of time to observe the flora and fauna, which he describes in intimate detail. Although he claimed to not be a naturalist due to lack of formal education, he was a natural at being a naturalist. Excerpt: The Year on Pinon Mesa

Glade Park Mercantile: Buy a copy of 'Footprints on the Trail" by Will Minor

A Classic Western Quarrel: A History of the Road Controversy at Colorado National Monument.

By Lisa Schoch-Roberts

This colorful history was written by Lisa Schoch-Roberts as her Master's thesis. It details the interaction between Glade Park and the Colorado National Monument. From the eccentric obsession of John Otto, to cattle drives and court battles, it is a good read.

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Uncle Monte

The Beautiful Gnat by "Rambler"(M.E. "Monte" Moreland)

My Fur Farm-Bear Department, M.E. Moreland, FUR NEWS Magazine, 1914

My Xmas Dinner, M.E. “Monte” Moreland, FUR NEWS Magazine, January, 1915

These stories and poetry are included in a book I am writing about my great-uncle Monte. He was a trapper “The Colorado Wolfer”, and wrote 30 plus articles for Fur News/Fur News and Outdoor World between 1914 and 1921. He also went to prison for 7 years for manslaughter (defending his mother’s honor), and was editor/writer for the Norwood Leader (Norwood, CO) in 1900. During that time he also wrote under the pen name of Rambler, recounting a winter spent with Tom McCarty and gang just prior to the Telluride Bank holdup. Monte also operated the Pastime Restaurant in Cisco, UT., was pursued by the Moab sheriff for dubious dealing involving a horse, and was busted twice for moon shining: in Cisco (1922), and at the Moreland/Moorland* still, here on Glade Park (1927).

*My grandfather Bob changed his last name from Moreland to Moorland after a dispute with his father, Newt Moreland. Newt drove Bob and his family off of his homestead at Moreland canyon in a spray of bullets – I will tell you that story sometime.

-–Debra Moorland

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Range Magazine: The Cowboy Spirit on America's Outback Range is an award winning quarterly devoted to the issues that threaten the West, its people, lifestyles, lands and wildlife. No stranger to controversy, Range is a leading forum for opposing viewpoints in the the search for solutions that will halt the depletion of a national resource - the American cowboy.

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