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Moorland recipe for fried venison, gravy and biscuits

Wild game is sometimes best when simply done. The Moorland family thinks that about the only way to cook venison is slice it thin, roll it in flour, heat grease (in the good ole' days it was lard or bacon grease)in an iron skillet, pop in the floured venison, salt and pepper to taste (we like lots of pepper), cook till browned. When you remove it from the skillet, leave all the skufflins. Mix them with some flour and add milk (canned is OK) (recite canned milk poem) , to make the gravy. Depending on your skill homemade biscuits can be heavenly or tooth busters. For the biscuit challenged or if you are in a hurry, some tube-type "hit on the table biscuits" * are the best thing since canned milk. Even better when accompanied by a pan of fried spuds. Simple is good!

*"hit on the table biscuits" -- a quote from Ike Hubbard

Another old cooking tradition on Glade Park was a visit from the Watkins representative. When I was a kid her name was Helen Isreal. She had wonderful extracts and spices. Well, Watkins is still around, with the traditional products, and some new surprises. Be sure to check them out by clicking on the Good Tastings link above.

Uncle Monte's venison recipe
This is how great-great uncle Monte cooked his venison and trimmins' for Christmas dinner back in 1915.

Uncle Monte's Camp Christmas Dinner

Even though simple is good most of the time, there's actually a lot of different ways to do simple! And even fancy is nice for a change.

These books have some great ideas on preparing and cooking wild game, and even some tame game.

It has to be done the right way from the moment they hit the ground!(Sorry, if you are squeemish this may not be the best place for you. We are carnivors here)

Field Dressing and Butchering Deer
Monte Burch

Preparing Fish & Wild Game: The Complete Photo Guide to Cleaning & Cooking Your Wild Harvest
Creative Publishing International

Kill It & Grill It
Ted Nugent

301 Venison Recipes
Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine

Slow Cookers Go Wild: 100+ Recipes for Wild Game
Teresa Marrone

Antonio Carluccio Goes Wild: 120 Fresh Recipes for Wild Food From Land and Sea

Rick Black

Cabin Cookin’
Rick Black

The Deer Burger Cookbook
Rick Black

Grillin' Like a Villian
Rick Black

Cooking for a Crowd
Rick Black

“Great recipes for fixin’ meals for a whole bunch of people—these are especially useful for church suppers, fund raisers, and for family reunions involving large Catholic families or for oversexed Protestant families.”--Rick Black

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