Glade Park & Pinon Mesa

National Register of Historic Places


Coates Creek Schoolhouse

Coates Creek Schoolhouse (added 1993 - Building - #92001839)

D S Rd. 16 mi. W of Glade Park Store

Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering

Architect, builder, or engineer: Brouse, Elwood

Architectural Style: Other

Area of Significance: Architecture, Social History

Period of Significance: 1900-1924, 1925-1949

Owner: Coates Creek Historical Association

Historic Function: Education, Social

Historic Sub-function: Meeting Hall, School

Current Function: Social

Current Sub-function: Meeting Hall

Coates Creek School Photos and Memories

Pipe Line Schoolhouse

AKA Glade Park Community Services Building

Pipe Line School (added 1999 - Building - #99000483)

Also known as Glade Park Community Building

101 16.5 Rd., Glade Park

Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering

Architectural Style: Other

Area of Significance: Architecture

Period of Significance: 1900-1924

Owner: Glade Park Community Services

Historic Function: Education

Historic Sub-function: School

Current Function: Social, Church

Current Sub-function: Meeting Hall