Glade Park's Coates Creek School

Vintage Photos & Reunions

Left to Right:
Back row: Theo Lutz, Gennie Westcott, Gussie Westcott, Betty Ann Lutz, Duane Claypool, Don Morse, Don Carnes, Bill Morse, Katherine Westcott (teacher) Front row: Patsey (Gennie's dog, Virgil Robertson, Josephine Carnes, Jimmy Farmer, Jack Westcott, Leroy Robertson.

Coates Creek Cookbook

A Coates Creek Celebration! by Vernice Wood Larson

Coates Creek/Glade Park Reunion

July 14, 2007

Photos by Tim Morse


Betty Ann and Bill Morse

Josephine and Paulie Lawson

Susie and Karl Roehm

Margaret Roehm

Debbie Moorland

Erma Moorland

Roxie (Moorland) McConnell

Theo Mills

Bob Bane

Tim Morse

Dennis and Robin Carnes

Ron Moorland

Terry Hammer & family

Dick & Carol (Lawson) Reigles

DJ & RJ Reigles

Curtis Rhyne

Warren & Pat (Dennis) Broderson

Winifred Raber

Anita Clark

Eunice Griffee

Floyd Griffee

Dorothy Lutz Powell

Gene & Thelma Seeley

Marilyn & Ralph Seeley

Eileen (Kruckenberg) Hendrickson

Mike Kruckenberg

Tom & Jackie (Kruckenberg) Yankee

Joan (Larson) Kruckenberg

Jean (Larson) Moores

Jay & Dori Van Loan

Rita (Robertson) Hayden

Virgil Robertson

Pat Gormley

Louise (Gore) Workman

Earl & Doris Gore McFry

Loren & Linda Workman

Viola Holloway

Roger & Lynette (Hook) Mahoney

Trent & Becky (Mahoney) Wuster Tristen, Tanner, & Nickie Wuster

Maggie Moorland

Brandon Bishop (son of Maggie Moorland)

Rachel Boyer

Juanita Carnes Erikson

Bob & Kay (Kruckenberg) Orton

James Orton

Jason Mertes

Kathy Cleveringa

Josh & Ruth (Orton) Shepardson & family

Greetings from those who could not attend but sent information:

Peggy Mahoney Hibsch

Paula Burwell Slaughter (attended last year classes were held at Coates Creek)

Rose Pattee and family

Louis (Myers) Stapleton

Shirley Gore & family

Marie Corn Tipping who sent maps and photos

Special thanks to those who helped make it happen: (let me know if I forget someone, things got hectic)
Organizing committee:
Bill & Betty Ann Morse
Margaret Roehm
Erma Moorland
Deb Moorland
Josephine Lawson
Susie Roehm (invitations)

Mowing: Josephine and Paulie Lawson, Dennis Carnes
Setting up the outhouse: Jay Van Loan
Setting up awnings:
Theo Mills, Bob Bane, Tim Morse, Bill Morse, James Orton, Jason Mertes, Susie Roehm, Deb Moorland, Ron Moorland, Roxie Moorland Cleaned and cooked breakfast for the crew: Betty Ann Morse, Erma Moorland
Scanning photographs: Susie Roehm, Karl Roehm, Deb Moorland

Coates Creek School House: Register of Historic Places

Coates Creek Annual Pancake Breakfast 07

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