Glade Park's Coates Creek Schoolhouse

Annual Sourdough Pancake Breakfast '07

Although the weather report threatened rain, not a drop fell during Coates Creek's annual sourdough pancake breakfast. It was one of those overcast fall days that seemed to send a warm glow right through the clouds to illuminate the event.

As usual, we had Betty Brouse to thank for the genuine sourdough pancakes. It takes her almost a week to go through the process of building up enough sourdough from her starter batch to supply pancakes for this event. Carol and Dick Riegles donated the bacon, hams, orange juice, milk, butter, and syrup.

The volunteers supply the labor and enthusiasm to make it all happen. Many of the participants are former students of Coates Creek School. Some are now in their seventies and eighties. Although their good health is not to be taken for granted anymore, there is something about arriving at the hallowed log school house of their youth that energizes them, and makes it possible for yet another good time to unfold here.

Thanks to all who helped, and those who came out to eat breakfast, have a good time, and support the cause. The revenue is used to maintain the building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Coates Creek School - National Register of Historic Places

A Coates Creek Celebration

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