Will GladePark.com Survive?

The answer is yes! Thank to the help of it's friends!

April 9, 2011 I would like to say thanks for the help with GladePark.com. It is secure for another year. Your generosity is appreciated! Thanks especially to Ron Rhyne for his generous donation. It is not necessary to send further donations.

March 18, 2011 GladePark.com was started as a labor of love, and a service to the community. The goal has never been to have a high traffic website that promotes Glade Park. It is for the residents, the former residents who still love it, and those who come for recreation.

It provides information on community events, history and news. Along with information about camping, mountain biking, fishing, and hunting, it encourages those who come here to play to be responsible and take care of things. It provides support for Glade Park Volunteer Fire Dept. by providing fire mitigation information.

GladePark.com has been around for 5 years now. Like I said, it was never intended as a big money maker, but I was hopeful it could be self-supporting. It costs $300 a year to keep it online, and in spite of efforts to monetize it with ads, there is no revenue. The traffic is too low, and people do not come here to buy. The daily average visits is between 200 - 300., with many being return visitors. Google does not pay on their ads till it reaches $100, and in the 5 years it has only accumulated about $64.

The lack of revenue has not been an issue till now. However, at this time, I am having financial challenges, and cannot continue to support it myself. I am asking for some help to keep GladePark.com online. When $300 has been raised for the annual renewal I will take down the Donate request.

Your help will be appreciated.

Send donations to:

c/o Deb Moorland
P.O. Box 23305
Glade Park, Co 81523

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