Does anyone remember Don & Mary Roth?

by A. Martin
(Florida )

As a child my family traveled several times to Glade Park, Colorado to spend time with my Aunt Mary and Uncle Don Roth. They had a ranch there and we all loved to come visit. This was in the late 1950's and to the early 1960's. My Aunt and Uncle Roth sold the property in Glade Park and moved to Fruita, Colorado.

I would love to come visit the area again, when my health permits me to travel. Some years ago I started looking on maps for this community or town with no luck. I was saddened to think that it did not exist any more. I met a fellow from Denver the other day and asked if he knew of Glade Park, he said no, but to Google it and here we are!

it would be wonderful if there is someone out there that remembers my Aunt Mary and Uncle Don Roth. It would be great to hear any information about the area from anyone.

Thank You

A. Martin

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Mar 21, 2010
The most famous Don & Mary story
by: Deb Moorland

While collecting Glade Park history, when the subject of Don & Mary comes up there is one story that is always mentioned. As the story goes, prior to indoor plumbing, Mary made a trip to the outhouse one night quite skimpily dressed. She crossed paths with a skunk, and got the worst of that exchange. When she tried to re-enter the house smelling of skunk fumes, Don was not cooperative. Lucky for her they had a bunk house - because that is where she had to spend the night - maybe several nights.

Mar 18, 2010
Childhood Memories
by: Ann Brach

At a tender age Don and Mary were my introduction Glade Park. My parents were friends of the Roth's. My family farmed on the Redlands and enjoyed time on the Roth ranch on Glade Park.
We visited them often; we girls (my mother, sister and I) helped Mary can venison chili, then went fishing up the Little Delores always going "just around the next bend" until nearly twilight. In the fall we went to their cow camp on Pinyon Mesa and cooked heaps of food for the wranglers--loved the taste of that water fresh from the spring behind the older cabin.
Winters were the best when Don would saddle up his favorite ride and pull us on a sled through the patures, the snow spraying in the face 'til we couldn't see. We would play parlour games into the night while the fire toasted our toes. The mornings were so chilly we shivered our way into the warm kitchen were Mary had coffee and hot chocolate brewing before breakfast was served up.
They had a cougar that regularly roamed the rock outcropping behind their house and we knew when it was near because of the horses' nervous whinnying in the coral.
Much later I visited them in Fruita where the house was filled with Mary's handiwork and Don's wonderful chuckle. Loved them both and miss them immensley.

Mar 15, 2010
Remembering old friends
by: Roger

Rember them well also their son Bobbie always wondered where he is today.
You need to make the trip to the Park and see how it has changed ove the years.

Mar 14, 2010
Don & Mary
by: Ron M.

I remember Don & Mary well, when I was a kid on Glade Park. Mary's Southern accent, the first one I ever heard, & Don's dry sense of humor. Once when the teacher made me recite the Christmas story from the Bible at the Coates Creek Christmas program, he told me I was cut out to be a preacher...yeah right...I appreciate the humor more now than I probably did then. Nice people.
Their ranch is owned by Van Loans now.

Mar 07, 2010
Old home place
by: Barbara Turner

My mother was born in Glade Park in 1928. She moved to Fruita when she started High School so she would not know the Roths. When I visit her we usually drive up to to the cemetery up there started by my grandfather Roy Stewart "Jim" Lewis. He is buried up there beside my grandmother and many aunts uncles and cousins. There is still a store and post office there and people living there. Some wealthy people have built very nice homes up there. My great-uncle Johnny Miracle's homestead house is still being lived in and in good shape. I think you would really enjoy visiting up there if you went. The highway going up there is very scenic, but also very dangerous so drive slowly and enjoy the scenery.
Barbara Turner (St. Joseph, MO)

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