Fire Danger and Being Prepared 6/27/12

by Kim Upson
(Glade Park)

As concern for wild fires grows, we have been talking about what we could do to be preventative and prepared. Perhaps this could be the start of a forum of shared ideas to help each other out.

Besides clearing all dry fuels in the form of brush, etc. from around our house, we've been watering the grass and area around the house to reduce flamability.

We have also decided to get a water tank, pump and hose on a trailer our tractor could pull.
In March we had a small grass fire and were ill prepared with our garden hose which was in a coil but still tangled.

On the G.P. Fire News is a link which is helpful for what to get together and have easy access to if evacuated along with other valuable info.

If anyone has more practical information or ideas, please add them to the G.P. blog to help us all out.

Here's to a lovely summer with no fire concerns.

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Jul 13, 2015
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Jul 09, 2015
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Jul 08, 2012
Good Idea!
by: Anonymous

It is just a no brainer that homeowners need to do all we can to mitigate the damage if there is a fire, like cutting back the brush and trees away from the house, having a metal roof, etc. The Firewise precautions make a lot of sense.

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