Glade Park Cemetery

The Glade Park Cemetery is under the stewardship of Belle Chesnick (242-0371) and Glade Park Community Services, Inc. In the spring, when they have their annual clean-up day at the Community Building (Pipeline School) and the crossroads of DS and 17 1/2 Rd, they also send a crew of volunteers to the GP Cemetery to do clean-up and maintenance. Volunteers are welcome to partake in the pancake breakfast, which is a fund raiser, and then help on the clean-up crew. Watch for the date in May or June in the GP Events Calender.

The Glade Park Cemetery information had been on my "to do" list, along with a number of other pages. A helpful reader of this website ( who wishes to remain anonymous) just let me know that someone has already done a nice job of putting it online. Not just the information, but pictures of the headstones when you click on the name! So for now, rather than re-inventing the wheel, I am going to provide a link to one that is already built. Thanks to "Buckskin Ranch" for providing this information:

Glade Park Cemetery Link

Glade Park Obituaries and Memorials