Glade Park Cemetery

The Glade Park Cemetery is under the stewardship of Glade Park Community Services, Inc.

Charles Novinskie
Cemetery Mgr. 216-9364

In the spring, when they have their annual clean-up day at the Community Building (Pipeline School) and the crossroads of DS and 17 1/2 Rd, they also send a crew of volunteers to the GP Cemetery to do clean-up and maintenance. Volunteers are welcome to partake in the pancake breakfast, which is a fund raiser, and then help on the clean-up crew. Watch for the date in May or June in the GP Events Calender.

There used to be a Glade Park Cemetery website that had an individual picture of every grave, but I am sorry to say that it is no longer available. It did not indicate the author, so I do not know who to contact to find out about it. The URL was It is now for sale on GoDaddy. If anyone knows who it belonged to, and if the content is still available, please contact me on the contact form. It is really a shame for all the effort of taking pictures of the graves to be lost.

Find a Grave link to Glade Park Cemetery graves.

If your loved one is not included take a picture of the grave and submit it.

Find a Grave => Glade Park Memorials

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Glade Park History & Obituaries

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