Glade Park Community Services Annual Meeting

by Lynne Grose, President
(Glade Park, CO)

Hi all-

Just wanted to send out a reminder of our upcoming GPCS Annual meeting-This Wed. Jan. 12 at 7:00 PM, EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Glade Park Community Service, Inc. holds their annual meeting every year in Jan. This is open to the public- not just paying members. We have in the past few years invited groups to join us and give an annual report on their happenings. We have had the GP Fire dept., Movies Under the Stars, Monument Superintendant- Joan Anzelmo, GP School, the post office committee and our local 4H Club join us in the past. Most of those same groups will be joining us again this year to update us on this past year and the coming years activites and matters.

After our guest speakers we will attend to GPCS business and elect new board members to our board. We have two open board positions so if you would like to volunteer for one fo these positions please let me know. It is a 2 year commitment and we meet 1X a month every other month. It is not a hectic schedule and is not real demanding. The board is in charge of the community service business as we are a non profit corporation. We host the fundraisers through-out the year. There are generally 3 major ones. Spaghetti dinner in Feb., Pancake Breakfast/GP Clean up day in May, and the must anticipated Chili Cookoff in October. This fundraisers and memberships are the life blood for our funds. The fundraisers are of course open to everyone to attend and the money generated by them and donations help us keep up with the insurance, propane and electricity costs of the building along with general maintenance of the building.

Along with the fundraisers your memberships help pay the bills as well. A family membership is $25.00 annually and an individual membership is $15 annually. This membership entitles you to a reduced rental fee if and when you ever need the building. You can rent the building for meeting, parties, receptions and have full use of it for the day including a functioning kitchen. The rents on this building are also needed to help with the costs of maintenance etc. We count on these memberships and donations so please consider renting the building, being a paying member and joining us in our annual fundraisers. You also receive a copy of the GP Community News with your paid membership. This is mailed out quarterly to paying members and we hope you enjoy receiving it and keeping up with Community News.

I hope you can join us this coming Wednesday for our meeting. It is a great time to say hi and greet your friends and neighbors! You will be able to pay your dues that evening for the upcoming year as well. FEEL FREE TO PASS THIS ALONG TO ANYONE YOU MAY WANT TO INCLUDE OR INVITE.



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