Glade Park Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Chief Bill Perrin

Letter to Residents

The Glade Park Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank all the residents of the Glade Park and Little Park areas for their support! With new people moving to the area all the time, some residents may not realize that their Fire Protection and primary Emergency Medical Services are provided by our district. Our coverage area includes: Little Park Road down to Bangs Canyon trailhead, south to the rim of Unaweep Canyon, west into Utah, and the upper part of Colorado National Monument. This area is +/- 525 square miles of area.

With the population of the Glade Park area growing, the fire department is looking ahead to what emergency needs may be in the future. Some of the things we are looking at are: upgrading our structural fire engine to a 4 wheel drive vehicle, due to the remoteness of many of the new large homes and limited access to some homes. Upgrading our primary medical rescue unit, as last year and continuing this year, was the first year we ran more medical calls than fire calls. We are also looking at expanding our building to allow more room for storage, equipment and in house maintenance. Another need is recruitment of new members. We currently have only 15 active members with 3 in training, as this letter is written. If anyone is interested in becoming a member please contact me. All training is free for our members. Minimum standards include fire science, personal protective equipment, tactics, first responder (medical), incident command, incident management, command structure, and radio protocols.

We do not receive tax dollars from the Glade Park residents – our only income comes from donations from our residents and our annual fund raiser “Movies Under the Stars.” Our annual operating costs last year were $36,550 and our income was $32,480.

Some of you already donated this year and we appreciate your support. We are asking the rest of the residents for their support by making a tax deductible donation to your fire department so we can continue to provide emergency services to you.

Thank you for your support

Chief Bill Perrin

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