Piñon Mesa Fishing

Since Piñon Mesa fishing is reservoir fishing, you do not hear the gurgle of running water, except at the overflow. But you will be soothed by the gentle clatter of quakie leaves rustling in the breeze. You can catch trout from the shore, or paddle out further in a canoe. Although Piñon Mesa has a chunk of Grand Mesa National Forest, it is not Grand Mesa. The lakes are not as big, but the good news it that the skeeters aren't as big either, or as plentiful.

The reservoirs available to the public are Fruita reservoirs #1, #2, and #3, and Enochs Lake, all of which also belong to the City of Fruita. According to the Minutes of the Fruita City Council meeting on February 15, 2005 Public Works director provided the following information about the size of these reservoirs.
Fruita Reservoir #1: 142.8 acre ft.
Fruita Reservoir #2: 167.8 acre ft.
Fruita Reservoir #3: 45.9 acre ft.
Enoch Lake: 207 acre ft. This reservoir was drained last year, and the dam was repaired. I do not know whether that increased the capacity.

Reservoir #1 - Summer 2009 - Dam rebuilt by National Guard

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife website has information on licenses, and other useful information about Colorado fishing.

Division of Wildlife: Fishing

A well planned fishing trip takes the weather into consideration!

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