Glade Park & Pinon Mesa

Demographics & Community Profiles

Do a search on Glade Park and you will find pages and pages of non-information. You will find directories that will let you know where the restaurants, motels and attorneys are, except that they all end up being in Grand Junction. You can also find community profiles, with all kinds of unsubstantiated statistical details they have extracted from unknown sources, and obsolete census figures. If you have ever looked for this website via a Google search, I doubt if you were patient enough to wade through the back pages to find it. But if you want to take a chance on the locals possibly knowing something about this place, you are in the right place. Yahoo! Neighborhood Profile says that the population of Glade Park is 55, while Brainy ZIP says it is 583. All I know is that last spring when the Post Office was planning for the new Post Office that they were not going to build, they said they had 1000 post office boxes waiting for a place to put them (they still have not found a place). Brainy ZIP is closest.

Yahoo! Neighborhood Profile currently says that Glade Park has no school age children. Someone should tell those school bus drivers to stop making a lot of unnecessary trips between here and the valley. Brainy ZIP came up with a total of 158 youngsters under 19. Once again Brainy is the winner, though that number seems a little high. If you can spot trends, it does appear that Brainy is a bit more reliable. Here are the links to the profiles, but take them with a grain of salt!

Brainy ZIP Profile

Yahoo! Neighborhood Profile

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