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Mr. Coyote: This is embarassing!

I call this picture "Pecking Order." I would like to be able to claim credit for taking it, but I cannot. I would also like to be able to give credit to the person who took it, but cannot. This picture was forwarded to me via e-mail without credit being given to the photographer. Which means it was probably not taken on Glade Park. But all of the wildlife in the photo exists here, and it such a great shot, I just have to share it.

Sometimes we are lucky enough to have a camera handy, and be capable of operating it, at a moment when we cross paths with some form of wildlife. Usually there is a little (or big) story behind the encounter. This is the place to share those encounters. You can download a picture and tell your story about it. See link at bottom of this page

American Goldfinch (Wild Canary)

May 24, '08 - Goodby Cow Bird, Hello Wild Canary - This rare siting of a Wild Canary at my bird feeder seemed to be a reward for removing the usual seed mix, which was attracting Brown Headed Cow Birds. I was worried about having them around right at nesting season as they are a parasitic bird that lays its eggs in the nests of other birds. A few stuck around to raid the chicken feed, but most seemed to disburse. Although I have a smaller feeder that I load with the little black Niger thistle seed, which the finches prefer, I decided to also put that seed in the main feeder instead of leaving it empty. This brought a few more House Finches, with the bright red trimmed males stealing the show. Then they were eclipsed by the appearance of this little male American Goldfinch or Wild Canary. He just stayed for one meal, so must have been in transit. He had the poor taste to pose in front of a rag I used to stabilize a young tree. (I tried all the commercial alternatives and finally resorted to a cotton rag. It stayed put all through a windy winter and was much gentler on the tree.)

Ron's Buck

My brother Ron download this picture with the new submission portal at the bottom of this page! I was there the day he took it. It is not taken with a zoom lens. He is very good at silently stalking...

Yellow-headed Blackbird

Yellow-headed blackbird: Just passin' through..." I grew up on Glade Park, and just returned a few years ago. I do not ever remember seeing this bird up here previously. It was a few weeks ago when a few of them appeared at my bird feeder. They were very shy, and took off as soon as they saw me watching through the window. They spent most of their time behind the vine that climbs up the pole my bird feeder is on. I was able to go into another room and catch this shot of one of them. They were just around for a few days, before moving on. My bird book says they prefer marshy areas, so they were obviously just passing over during migration. The contrast of the bright yellow head and back body is very striking.

This young eagle was sitting on the electrical pole at the corner of B. South and Trail Canyon Drive. With the prarie dogs moving down B. South it is a welcome sight. At first I thought is was a juvenile golden eagle, because they do have white on the underside of their wings. But when I got home and got out my trusty bird book, I decided the wing pattern actually looks more like the underside of a juvenile bald eagle. What do you guys think?

Surely you can top these!

Laura Imer rises to the challenge!

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