Great Western Heritage Show

Hello I am Colorado Rick

We do a western show like you've never seen before. The Great Western Heritage Show. The show tells the song, then the cowboys tell the history of where that song came from and special things about it, then we sing the earliest know version. Some of these stories are amazing. Like did you know streets of Laredo isn't from Texas, but from is from Ireland. Or where the real story of home on the range came from. If you'd like to see a small section of show use the link below and watch a small segment.

We also do shows of various sizes, every thing from just Colorado Rick to a full and complete one, two, and three day "turn key" shows including stages and lights and PAs. We have poets and re-inactors, cowboy jokes, cowboy rope tricks, and even if needed rodeo clowns.

We come in full regalia, and can stay for your crowds afterward.
And we can come on short notice if we're not already booked.

Call my personal cell phone and ask us about pricing or anything else. Lets take care of your show today. Call 970 260 6496.

Thanks - Rick

The YouTube link is
Ps I am the producer that does the Fruita Fall Fest music

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