Jack Blasdel - the only survivor in the slide zone.

by Deb Moorland

Although many did manage to escape the falling rock, Jack Blasdel was the only one to actually survive the rock slide. Jack Blasdel was trapped from going over the slide when the rocks pinned him, leaving him laying off the side of the cliff with rocks laying on his legs. But it was the same rocks that saved his life, and kept him from going over the cliff that crippled him. He was from Glade Park. Jack is shown here with girls; Maxine, Vera (who became his wife), Jack, and Billie.

--- From""The Untold Story of the Rimrock Drive and The Men History Forgot" by Guy Carlucci.

Thanks to the Guy's wife, Beth Carlucci for giving permission for us to use pictures and quotes from Guy's book to memorialize the men who died in the half-funnel cave-in on Dec. 12, 1922. The book is not longer in print, but we hope the family will be encouraged to do another printing.

[Maxine, in the picture with Jack, married George Van Loan, the brother of Clyde Van Loan who died in the slide, and is the mother of Jay Van Loan, who continues to operate the family ranch on Glade Park.)

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