Letter to the Editor, The Daily Sentinel, 12-3-10

by Deb Moorland
(Glade Park, CO)

Thursday, December 2, 2010
The Daily Sentinel
Letters to the Editor

The community of Glade Park is skeptical about hearing that the trailer intended for our Post Office is going to be “temporarily” sent to Como, Colo., until spring. However, it is encouraging to hear Al DeSarro, spokesman for the Postal Service, quoted in The Daily Sentinel in the following manner:

“The wait for the trailer will be worthwhile,” DeSarro said. The trailer is being equipped for lights and electricity, services not originally contemplated for the Glade Park trailer, DeSarro said. “We’re spending some bucks on this,” he said.

That sounds great. We were previously told electricity was up to us. Since there were no funds, it was not in the plans. Glade Park is unincorporated and has no source of funds for that.

We were concerned about the postal contractors who bring the mail up, sort it and provide some limited window service. They have gone beyond the call of duty, and we felt bad about not being able to provide heat and restroom facilities for them while they are there.

It is our hope that those “bucks” will keep coming, will include an electrical hook-up, and will pay the monthly electrical bill. As DeSarro said, all of that was “not originally contemplated.”

Otherwise, it would be like promising an Eskimo an igloo out in the tundra that is wired for heat and electricity, but telling him he cannot have it until spring. He has no way to utilize the wiring, and knows that by spring the whole thing will probably melt down anyway.

Please excuse our skepticism, but the history of our negotiations with the Postal Service is even more complicated than the newspaper story described. We hope they finally mean what they say.


Glade Park

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