Looking for a puppy!

by Bethanie Simms
(Glade Park, CO)

Hello, I have recently relocated home from New York City, and am working as a business consultant to our family business here in Glade Park.

I am a long distance runner, and would love to find a great companion to run with me each day. We already have two black labs, and one of them is an alpha female so a puppy is a must, she's very threatened by older dogs but responds well to puppies, a mother-type.

I'm looking for a dog medium sized frame, good breed or mix, and built for long distance running 13-26 miles, etc. If anyone has puppies or knows of someone who has puppies that match this description, I'd love to go look at them.

The easiest way to reach me is via email: bethanieannesimms@gmail.com.

Thanks so much!

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