Lost 4-H steer - black, white faced, with halter and lead rope

by Lynn Grose
(Glade Park, CO)

Hi neighbors-
Just wanted you to know that one of the 4H kids (Jordi Shouse) has lost her steer. He has traveled over here from B south Rd. We had him tracked to our area last night but they could not get him caught. I saw him about 7:30 in our subdivision just off Sagebrush LN. headed towards Galen and Linda's. I hoped he would settle in for the night and stay off DS Rd. He is a Black, white-faced steer wearing a lead rope and halter-cant mistake him! Anyway, they have gathered up some help (hopefully on horseback!) and are going to try and get him again today. If you see him or have the opportunity to pen him let me know. I could have reached out and grabbed his lead rope last night he was so close, but didnt figure I need to get yanked out of my car and dragged through the brush! LOL

Help me spread the word would ya?! I have contact numbers for the owner.

Lynn Grose

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