More kiosks for National Monument

by B. Kinkelaar
(Glade Park)

A month or so ago there was a traffic monitor at the intersection of DS and Monument Rd. I asked Monument staff what for?? They are fixing to put kiosks, guard houses at DS and 16.5 entrances to the Monument. Have you heard anything about this??? I hate to see more structures imposing on the beauty of the landscape. If they want to charge us for using Monument Road, with it at the current entry stations!

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Jun 27, 2015
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by: Sageua

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Oct 03, 2009
Sentrys, Security, or ?
by: Bill

Regarding the purported addition of "guard shacks" on the two park side entrances to Glade Park: I find myself wondering what is the is the rationale for this, both on a P.R. level and / or on any federal and administrative level. The only two functions that occur to me at this time are access control, or information gathering. Either of those seem to have a odor of something vaguely discomforting...

Further, from what source is the funding coming? National Park Service use fees? Department of Homeland Security, or merely a quick place to use up some "stimulus" money?

The old Latin phrase, "Cui Bono" comes to mind.

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