National Park or Monument? : Pros and Cons, June 2013

by Kim Upson
(Glade Park, CO.)

Hopefully, some folks will respond to this. It's a request for Glade Parkers' thoughts on the plans to upgrade the Monument to a National Park. What benefit would that provide for anyone other than businesses in Junction?

Also, is there any chance that the Park Service could deny us use of the road, or charge us for it's use? I'm not totally clear on the terms of agreement we have with them now. Would we be protected by grandfather rights?

Other than the obvious concern for waiting in line longer at the entrance, are there any other issues that would affect us?

If anyone has a thought on this, please write back.

My concerns regarding this would be about increasing the powers of the federal government in our lives even more.

Let me know what you are thinking.Thanks.

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