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Pioneer Families: Lewis, Thompson & Miracle

Submitted by descendent Barbara Turner

Submitted February 2, 2008

My grandfather Roy Stewart "Jim" Lewis and grandmother Mary Margaret Lewis are buried in the Glade Park Cemetery, along with my aunt Locy Thompson Beason, Wesley Thompson, William Jeff Thompson and many cousins. My grandfather was one of the first homesteaders on Glade Park. He was from Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, KY. Grandma was a widow and came out with her three children with her parents and her sisters and brother and their families.
My grandfather was the person who gave the land for this cemetery. His homestead cabin is still up there, as well as Tom Jeff Miracle's cabin, and John McH Miracle's cabin.
My mother had two sisters and 4 brothers. She is the only one living. She lives in Grand Junction, CO. She visits the cemetery at least once a year and helps clean it.
I am thankful for the people who watch over the cemetery and keep it in good condition.

Barbara Turner
St. Joseph, MO

John Mch & Ruthie Wilson Miracle

Roy Stewart Jim Lewis Homestead Cabin

Cousins in 1943: Lewis, Robbins, Lewis

Early Settlers on Glade Park

Snow in 1943

The Lewis Family

Tom Jeff & Amanda Miracle Homestead Cabin

Johnny & Ruthie Miracle Homestead Cabin

Lewis Family geneology link

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