Post Office

by Laura Van Dusen
(Como, CO)

I am a reporter for The Flume in Park County CO. Just curious if Glade Park ever got a post office. We have a situation in Como where a temporary trailer will be brought in to replace our Community Post Office. The USPS told us at a town meeting Wednesday that the trailer was supposed to go to Glade Park and will still go there, but not until at least May when Como won't need it anymore.

I've read on your Web site about your post office problems, but the latest entry was in 2009, so wondered what your current situation is.

I'm reporting on the post office situation for our newspaper, wondering if you have any comment.


Laura Van Dusen

Correspondent for The Flume

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Mar 17, 2011
a trailer for a trailer
by: Anonymous

Well it's almost May and the trailer in Como is set to go to Glade Park in May of 2011.

My question is this. Glade Park already has a trailer. So the USPS has decided to move the trailer in Como to Glade park? I don't see the economic significance in this. One trailer is a little bigger. I have seen the you tube video of the Glade Park trailer and have seen the Como trailer. I don't get it. Maybe this is why the USPS is having financial difficulties.

Nov 20, 2010
We are stunned and disappointed
by: Anonymous

Thanks for inquiring about this situation. I just heard about it today, and I think most people here are not aware of it.

We have been waiting for our permanent Post Office for several years, and are told that the temporary trailer could be pulled at any time, so have been afraid to rock the boat. This is not the first time that we have had the carpet pulled put from under us. Please excuse us if we are skeptical about this arrangement.

What exactly is the situation there? What indicates that Como will not need the trailer that has been promised to us after May? Are they building a real building for Como? We have been told that is not possible for us.

Thanks again for your interest in our situation.

Deb Moorland

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