Mesa County 125th Anniversary

Glade Park contributes to the time capsule

To be opened in 100 years

An honor guard ceremony and patriotic songs by Bookcliff Chorus preceeded the time capsule ceremony. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Another Glade Park descendent was also present on the courthouse steps, as a part of the honor guard. Terry Hammer Jr. was wearing an authentic U.S. Cavalry uniform that included real buffalo hair on the headdress. He is a veteran of the Afghanistan war. He is the son for Terry Hammer, who is the son of Ted and Anna Hammer, and great grandson of pioneer Charles Sieber.

“I am happy to represent Glade Park in presenting our items for the time capsule. My family homesteaded on Glade Park in the early 1900's, and I grew up there on a ranch. In the early '70's we sold out and left. But a few years ago I was drawn back to Glade Park, and started a website called, which attempts to cover all aspects of life on Glade Park, present and past. When we were contacted to contribute to the time capsule it was decided a Glade Park store postcard would be a good choice. It shows an aerial view of the crossroads where the Glade Park store has been at the center of the community, and was also the post office for many, many years. Then Ronna Lee contacted me and said that she had also printed out the home page of, along with a couple other things from the website to be included in the time capsule. The home page describes Glade Park in the present and the past. She also included a poem by my great uncle Monte Moreland, called "The Beautiful Gnat." The gnat is also a local resident. Uncle Monte was a trapper, and writer, but his main claim to fame on Glade Park was that he was at the family still when it was busted. I kid you not. Also included is a schedule from the "Movies Under the Stars", which is our present claim to fame, and the main fundraiser for the Glade Park Volunteer Fire Department. Thanks for the opportunity for Glade Park to be included in the time capsule ceremony." (items were placed in the capsule)

Debra K Moorland

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