Trashing the Park

by S. Hessel

It is most definately summmer! Heat rises in waves from the asphalt strip that cuts through the high desert landscape. The calendar still says spring, but the sun shines for all it's worth.

Driving down to town is always a chore, but seeing the Monument on a daily basis is a blessing... right up until I hit the 35 MPH zone and see trash blowing across the road. Cups and fast food wrappers decorate the last bit of lane before Rimrock Drive. For some unknown reason... be it kids, tourists, or locals the dump, for them, is located amidst the curves of the Glade Park turn-off.

I can understand the occasional "oops" it fell off the truck or even a gift the wind blew in, BUT to purposely throw trash out of your vehicle into such a pristine environment borders on criminal. I take that back- it IS criminal according to littering laws.

No one wants to live in a trash can, and as residents of Glade Park it is our duty to maintain the beauty of the land we live in.

Stop and pick up that escapee from the truck bed... Take 5 seconds to grab that grocery bag floating alongside the road...Let's not trash the park.

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