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March 9, 2009 - I need help from Glade Park residents in organizing a do it myself elk hunt in GMU 40 this fall. I have 10 non resident preference points built up and want to access good private land in the Glade Park / Pinyon Mesa hunting unit, aka GMU 40. I am willing to pay a reasonable access fee. Can you please refer my name and phone number and address to any landowners in the area who may allow access and who have elk on their property. Any other assistance or advice would greatly be appreciated. Please help me!

Thank you,
Stu Mauney
Jesup, Georgia

January 14, 2009 - Well here we are into 2009. Where does the time fly? GPVFD "Movies Under the Stars" is currently seeking sponsors for the movie season. We are looking for Gold, Silver or General sponsors. The movie list has been approved and was released Jan. 13, 2009. So watch for that information. Please contact me for any questions or suggestions. Thank you and see you at the movies!

Deb Trotter
MUS Event Coordinator

December 27, 2008 - My son and I have enough preference pts. to draw for elk in unit 40. We are interested in finding a private landowner that would allow us access and advice for a fee.

We are experienced and responsible hunters. I am a semi-retired farmer and my son is a dairy nutritionist living and working in Idaho.

We are open to considering any situation.

Dale Kluth
Clintonville, Wisconsin

December 12, 2008 - Hi Deb, Just wanted to pass along that the Glade Park Community Svs. will be holding our annual meeting on January 13th, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. I am hoping to have reps. from the fire dept., 4H and the GP school on hand for updates in their areas as well. I will also invite the Monument supr to give us updates on the Monument etc. I hope to have final word on the land purchase and the new postal service by then as well. We do have some board positions open and looking for volunteers, however I think some of those positions may be retained by current board members if no one does volunteer. I know we will have at least one vacancy. Thanks for helping me spread the word!

Lynn Grose

Sunday, November 30, '08 - Hello residents of Glade Park. I have visited your area a couple times, and have been researching Glade Park for a few years now. My wife and I are looking for a retirement location with lots of room and a friendly community to join. I hope that I might ask for some information on Glade Park either personally or just a good internet link.

My first concern when looking for properties is water. I know that this is a semi arid area and that a lot of plans can be applied to make good use of available water supplies like rain water harvesting, grey water, and drip irrigation . The only problem I see is the water regulations do not seem to promote this although I may just be miss informed. The question I have is how hard is it to get a “domestic and livestock” well permit and do augmentation plans regularly cut off your water rights. I think the 1 acre permit would be all you would need to have a few fruit trees, a small garden and maybe a horse. The domestic only seems very restrictive, no garden or trees?

A second question is what kind of a garden plants do well there?. Fruit trees? Grapes?

If any of you folks wish to help me out you can email me at or call me at 661 510-4160. I will be in Glade Park week after next to see what it is like in winter.

Mike Serino
Valencia, CA

Friday, November 28, '08

Diane Branham on Glade Park Community School

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 - It is hard to believe but the organization of the GPVFD "Movies Under the Stars" is starting up again for the 2009 season. I have e-mailed or sent letters to the people who were involved with the 2008 organizational season, but for those who did not receive an e-mail or letter, and you wish to join this part of the movie team, please contact me soon. The first deadline is December 1 , 2008. This is for the movie selection committee. I have three people ready to job on line for this but the more the merrier. The 2008 season was a huge success and the reason is the team members involved. We of course hope that the 2009 season will be equally profitable.

Thanks and I hope to hear from any team members as we prepare for another "Movies Under the Stars" season.

Deb Trotter
Event Coordinator

Friday, September 5, '08 - Hello from Mike Marsh. Just saying hi to my father in law Tom Milano, missing living there. It is just a great place. If it wasn’t for Tom I would never have made it to Glade Park. Also would like to say hay to Teresa at the store - you are the best.

Mike Milano

Tuesday, July 29,'08 - Thanks for building a web page and keeping it current. Like a lot of people up here I travel to Grand Junction for work 4 or 5 days a week. It leaves little time to get to know the other people up here. We have been here since '93 and most of the poeple I know I met during my time (9 1/2 years) with the Fire Department.

Thanks for building a site so I can remain abreast of the activities up here.

A suggestion maybe Bill Perrin could supply you with a log of fire calls for the summer fire season. Not many people realize how many calls the volenteers get during fire season.

Thanks again,
Jim Joslyn
Glade Park, CO

Thursday, July 24, '08 - The Glade Park Volunteer Fire Department is in full swing with "Movies Under the Stars". This event is proof positive that people are willing to drive up to Glade Park and have a little Friday night family fun. We have broken new records each of the past 6 movie nights. This is a huge asset to the GPVFD as they rely on this event so much. So if you have not been yet this year. Come on up and join us for a great night under the stars.

Deb Trotter
GPVFD Movies Under the Stars

Sunday, June 15, '08 - I am not sure that this is the place to write however I am SO GLAD that I stumbled onto this we site. I am a granddaughter of Eli and Eula Miracle who lived on their ranch in Glade Park for many years. Every summer and Christmas vacation my family would visit my Grandma and Grandpa and I have so many memories of Glade Park! My grandparents and parents have since passed away and after 20 years I am finally able to make a trip back to Glade Park. I am happy to see that the store, school house (where my Mom went to school) and the cemetary (where my Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and 2 Aunts are buried) are all still there. I know things have changed but now after reading the information on this web site, I realize maybe not too much. I can't wait to see it all again and will continue to check this website for a link to my past and updates on things to come!!!

Shirley Watkins
Folsom, California

Friday, June 13, '08 - I just happened to stumble across this website. Guess I am feeling a little home sick! I see my Aunt Peggy has found this - not sure about the rest of my family but they all are still living in the area. My 14 year old son, Levi, was able to spend a month with his grandparents (Danny & Charlene Mahoney) last summer and they showed him all around. He really enjoyed the history of Glade Park and of course his grandparents and great grandparents part of it all.
I will be sure to visit often!

Debbie Mahoney-McLemore
Marble Falls, Texas

Thursday,June 12,'08 - Hello! Lynn Grose has been helping me get some information together for the Mesa County 125th Anniversary Celebration. I have a post card of the Glade Park Store, and have copied the wonderful home page of your website, as well as the poem "The Beautiful Gnat." These items will be included in a time capsule that will be housed at the courthouse for future generations. These items will be officially presented at the Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social this Saturday morning, on the old Courthouse lawn. Lynn is unable to come to the event and present the materials and suggested that you might be able to do that for us. You would need to be there at 9:45 Saturday morning. Could you let me know if this is something that you might be able to do to help make sure Glade Park is part of the celebration? Thanks very much!

Ronna Lee Sharpe
State Folklorist for Western Colorado
Colorado Council on the Arts/Museum of Western Colorado
Grand Junction, CO

I already talked to Ronna Lee on the phone and let her know that I would be happy to come down to the courthouse for the time capsule ceremony and ice cream social. Hope to see you there too!

Deb Moorland

Tuesday, June 10, '08 - We have recently purchased property on Glade Park near AS 1/4 & 14 Roads. Saturday, June 7 my little old dog disappeared up there. She is a border collie mix. Black and white. She has a pink camo collar with a county license & rabies tag. She is 12 years old and nearly deaf. She recently had a stroke and sometimes gets confused and off balance. We think she probably wandered off to rest in peace, but would be very appreciative to know if anyone has seen her. Please contact Carla at 245-7948 or 250-0812. Thanks so much!

Carla Hatch
Glade Park, CO

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - I was contacted today by the Museum regarding getting an item from the Glade Park community to go into a time capsule that they are placing at the old court house corner stone. The item has to be very small with a description of the item and why we are placing it there. They are looking for items that reflect that area or history of that area. Does anyone have a suggestion? We need to have this item by Thursday morning and they would like someone from the community to be present to give the item over to be place into the capsule. The ice cream social and time capsule event is Saturday, June 14th at 9:30 at the old courthouse lawn. I told her I would get back with her right away, so give me your thoughts and suggestions please. Appreciate the input!

Lynn Grose
Glade Park Community Services

Tuesday, June 3, '08 - Rocky Mountain News - front page story 6/3/08 re incident at the potholes. Good description from the survivors of what actually happened and their grief...good warning to others.

Theresa Janssen
Glade Park Store

Theresa - The pictures that accompany the Rocky Mtn. News story break your heart. He was so young, having a good time with his friends. Since this tragedy I have been thinking I will go back to reasearching the deaths at that spot.

It isn't going to go away. Maybe we could put up a memorial, listing the people who have died there. It might help bring it home to the young people going up there to have a good time, that they really are in dangerous territory.

Deb Moorland

Link to Rocky Mtn. News story

Sun. June 1, '08 - It was exciting to see so many people arrive on time and ready to "clean" at the GPVFD as we get ready for the 2008 season. We had some new faces and very dedicated and familar ones as well. A huge thank you to one and all.

See ya at the movies!

Deb Trotter
Movies Under the Stars Coordinator

Sat May 18, '08 - OOPS. Time is flying by so fast I almost forgot to remind all who read these pages that the GPVFD clean up day is May 24. Yes next Saturday !!!

Help clean the fire department grounds and eat lunch.

If you can not make the work day but would like to set your volunteer dates Jill will have her calendar with her. Come on over and sign up.

We will be starting at 9 am and finish as soon as we can so we can enjoy some of the day. As we think the weather has changed for the warmer finally.

Hope to see you next week or in less than 3 weeks when "Movies Under the Stars" starts its season.

Deb Trotter
Event Coordinator
Movies Under the Stars

Thursday, March 20, '08 - Hello to all.
This new year is flying by. Just want to remind anyone interested in sponsoring at the GOLD level for the GPVFD fundraiser "Movies Under the Stars" is fast approaching. I must have all information no later than March 31, 2008.

Mark your calendar for May and check the forum for the actual date for the spring clean up at the GPVFD even if you can not help with the clean up, Jill will be there with her June, July and August calendar for the sign up sheet for volunteering. This great event can not be as successful without the great volunteers.

Please remember that the GPVFD is a non profit and does not rely on tax dollars. So this yearly event is a huge asset to the GPVFD and especially the Glade Park community. Money generated from this three month fundraiser accounts for approximately 60% of donated income received by the fire department.

So enjoy the feeling that "mud" season (one of many) is slowly disappearing and soon DS Road will have many, many cars and the warmth of the weather and the huge "valley" support of the GPVFD is fast approaching. Deb Trotter
Event Coordinator

Wednesday, Jan. 17, '08 - Hi, Deb. Here's the recycling info I mentioned at last night's meeting. The company's name is Curbside Recycling Indefinitely.

Website info at--
River Road Drop Off
Grand Junction Curbside Recycling Indefinitely, in cooperation with the City of Grand Junction, is happy to provide residents with this recycling option. The River Road drop off offers convenience for city and county residents without curbside service and city curbside customers with that occasional over abundance of material.
The Drop Off is located on River Road, just north of Broadway and inside the City Shops Maintenance Yard. To get there take Broadway (Grand Ave) west past the 1st Street interchange. Turn right at the second light, onto River Road. Turn left at the 1st gate, which is marked with a blue and white sign that reads "Recycling Drop Off Center". Follow the yellow drop off signs to the back of the facility. Hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
They accept free of charge #1 & 2 plastics, glass, tin and aluminum cans, paper (including phone books), and non-glossy corrugated cardboard.
Karen Bechtel
Glade Park
Karen, Thanks for sending this information. Sorry it took me so long to get it posted. As we discussed, I need to put up a Utilities and Services page, which would be especially useful to new and prospective residents.
Deb Moorland

Wednesday, Jan. 9, '08 - Hi. I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your site. I came across it kind of accidently and I am so glad that I did. As a "city" girl from Indiana, the "west" has always been a dream of mine. I have been able to vist Colorado only a couple times but my ex-husband and I fell in love with it and hoped to retire there. I am since divorced, but the dream of living in Colorado is still there. I have so enjoyed reading the forum and the blog, and hearing the stories you all have to tell. The "Movies Under the Stars" sounds fantastic. I love the fact that you are trying to keep the "Glade" family together even though things change, as they always will, and people come and go. I am so grateful to you for sharing your "home" with me in that I can live it vicariously through you. It saddens me to hear that even in your locale where there is so much beauty and so much history, that there are negative people around there too. I guess that is just life isn't it? There will always be those who want to cause trouble and cause pain. However, from what I am reading so far, that is such a small part of your beautiful town and you are all so fortunate to have the opportunity to live where you do and have the history that you do. I hope that you will continue this site and as an "outsider" I would love to see more pictures of Glade Park. I teared up when I saw the newly posted buck and hummer, and always lose my breath when I see the mountains. Thank you again so much for this site and I hope that someday I will be able to pass through your wonderful town and see it for myself. Keep up the good work!
Carolyn from Indianapolis

Monday, Jan. 7,'08 - Hello, and thank you for your interest in posting the information about the proposed school. I would like to clarify a couple of things about your review of the notice to the Waldorf Blog spot. As I mentioned in my notice the school is inspired, in part, by Waldorf methods. It is not intended to be a Waldorf school. There is information about Waldorf as well as other instructional influences on the

What is important about this school, however, is that it is a community-based school which focuses on place-based education. That is,the curriculum will be influenced and inspired by the geology, history, natural world, and community of Glade Park. The other methods are drawn from techniques and strategies that fit well with such a philosophy. Ultimately, however, it is our hope that the school will be a public school, and, therefore, follow Colorado State Standards and Mesa County School District's expectations.

I do hope that you and your readers attend the upcoming meeting to inform yourselves about this very positive and, yes, accessible school for our youngest community members.
Tree Laurita-Humbert
Glade Park, CO

Thursday, Dec. 27, 07 - Hey Aunt Deb! I was looking over the site again, cause it had been awhile. I was reading about the movie shot on Glade Park and so I looked it up on Anyway the name has been changed to "The Lucky Ones" and is set to be released in December 2008. Just thought I'd pass that along.
Rosalyn McConnell
Fruita, CO

Rosalyn, Thanks for the update! I have been wondering why we have not seen "The Return" released yet. You can expect that they might tinker with the name, but I am really curious about why they are waiting so long to release it. It also appears that some very adult content will eliminate it from the family friendly criteria for "Movies Under the Stars."
Deb Moorland

The Glade Park Movie Location

Monday, Dec. 17, '07 - Glade Park Bible Church will be presenting a candlelight service Christmas Eve (Dec 24) at 7pm. Everyone is invited to attend!
Theresa Janssen
Glade Park, CO

Friday, December 13 - Just checking the site again to see whats new. I was wondering if there was ever a thought of putting in a web cam, maybe at the store so people like myself can see whats going on. I do check a webcam out that is down in the valley and it updates every few minutes, it is kind of neat. Is this something that would work for your website? Still really enjoy the website, have noticed the forum is kind of quiet latley but it is what it is!
Take care
Ron Rhyne
Cora, Wyo

Ron, Good to hear from you again. I would have to go to school on how to connect a webcam to my site, and of course get permission to put it in. Do any of you out there have an opinion about putting a webcam at the store or at the Community building and Post Office?
Deb Moorland

Thursday, December 12 - I was just looking at your Glade-Park website. Very comprehensive. Nice job. I happen to know it takes a lot of work, so hats off to you!

It's terrific to have the Glade Park authors / writers on the site. I'm OK with whatever you would want to do with Colorado by the Numbers, although the books are completely sold out, so I wouldn't be able to do anything if somebody was interested and contacted me about getting one. I am updating the book for a second edition, but don't expect that out until next summer, and in fact may change directions and go digital, meaning the content will be on the internet and not on paper.

At any rate, you can get a taste of Colorado by the Numbers at, which is basically a collection of the introductions to each chapter.

Good luck with the website. Let me know if I can be of assistance.
Doug Freed
Glade Park, CO

Monday, November 5, '07 - I would love to see something that shows the books written by Glade Park residents even if the books have nothing to do with Glade Park. My neighbor Doug Freed wrote and published Colorado By the Numbers, a truly fine state almanac. My ninth book to be published is coming out in January. I know there are other writers living up here and would like to know who they are and what books they've written.
Diana Herald
Glade Park, CO

Diana, Thanks for speaking up! This is exactly the kind of input that will take this website to another level. Sometimes I feel like I am sitting here trying to read minds. The more Glade Parkers participate, the more will accurately reflect Glade Park in the present - and the past.

The first thing we want to know from Diana is, what books have you written? Of course we can include books by Glade Park writers, even if they are not about Glade Park. Tell your neighbor Doug to check in. Eugene Vories' books are not all based here. I have just emphasized the ones that are. Please let us know more about your writing. If any more writers are out there, please let us know about you. That goes for artists, photographers, or any other interesting occupations, businesses, hobbies, etc. As long as it's legal. Bring it on! (Even illegal is OK, as long as it is in the past!)
Deb Moorland

Thursday, October 18, '07 - Hello to all. This is a little late but here goes. The 2007 "Movies Under the Stars" season was a huge success. This is a huge asset to the GPVFD. There are countless hours put into this yearly fundraiser and would not be such a success without each and eveyone involved in pulling this together. There are a few changes for the 2008 season. I am adding a few more "key" players to the organization of the event. If anyone feels that they can contribute and maybe has bigger and better ideas. Please contact me and lets chat. Have a great "holiday" season and see ya at the movies in 2008.
Deb Trotter
"Movies Under the Stars" Coordinator

Sandra Ostowick
Glade Park, CO

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